Single-Stream Recycling. All Materials in one.

Single-Stream Recycling is a service that expands our recycling program by accepting more kinds of recyclable materials and allows us to commingle recyclable materials in our trucks. It is then delivered to a state-of-the-art facility that sorts it.
We deliver a receptacle to participating customers that is for recycles only which we then pick up bi-weekly at no additional charge.

trees. Great job Pratt Customers!

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Recycling Guidelines

Please read through the recycling guidelines and if you have questions please call us at 508-987-1187.

  • Newspaper
  • Placed loose inside of your receptacle.

  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Boxes need to be cut up. Corrugated pieces must be no larger than 15 inches X 15 inches. Includes but not limited to:

    • Paper towel rolls
    • Tissue
    • Cereal and snack boxes
    • Canned beverages
    • Junk mail
    • Office stationary
    • School papers
    • Catalogs
    • Phone books
    • Wrapping paper

    Place these items loose inside bin.

  • Plastic
  • All plastic that is marked #1 – #7 of any color is acceptable. These numbers are found on the bottom of the container inside a triangular recycling symbol. Examples of these items are:

    • Laundry detergent
    • Shampoo containers
    • Milk
    • Water containers

    Please do not put plastic that is not marked otherwise with the recycles, these should be with the regular trash.

  • Glass
  • Liquor and wine bottles must be rinsed out. The caps, labels, and corks need not be removed. Please make sure to not include ceramics, pottery, window glass, drinking glasses, mirrors, crystal, or light bulbs.

  • Cans
  • Accepted cans are:

    • Aluminum
    • Tin
    • Steel

    Labels do not need to be removed. Please make sure to not include paint, aerosol cans or liquids of any kind.