Frequently Asked Trash Disposal Questions

All Dumpsters are for 1 week only. In the event you need the container for more than 1 week, a predetermined time frame will be established.

Rental Fees apply for each additional week the container is on your property after the initial week. Call 508-987-1187 for rental terms and fees.

Temporary containers are rented out for either one of three purposes. HOME REMODELING, NEW CONSTRUCTION or HOUSE CLEANOUT. In the event it is a Home Remodeling or New Construction project such items are acceptable: Wood, sheetrock, insulation, asphalt roofing shingles, carpeting, old wiring, floor or wall tiling and any other small incidental materials from the project.

In the event it is a House Cleanout project such items are acceptable but not limited to: Furniture, clothing, plastic toys, “boxes of junk”, small metal items, carpeting, books and magazines. All debris in container must be hazardous free and burnable as the debris will be disposed of at an incinerator.

State and Federal laws have banned certain items from the waste stream. Such items include, but are not limited to:

  • Televisions and computer monitors
  • Refrigerators and other Freon units
  • Propane tanks and fuel containers
  • Metal items larger than 1′ X 1′ X 1′
  • Automotive (i.e. batteries, tires, etc.)
  • Paints, stains and containerized liquids
  • Asphalt, brick and concrete material
  • Asbestos material of any sort
  • Yard debris (i.e. leaves, grass clippings, etc.)

The above mentioned items must not be placed in any container from Pratt Trucking. Penalty fines apply for such named items if found in the dumpster. For more information on the proper disposal of such items please call us.

In the event you come across an item that is banned, please just set the item off to the side. Call the office and someone will assist you in the proper disposal of the item. Pratt Trucking can accept most of the above mentioned items but we must handle them separately.

State and Federal Laws are enforced strictly at disposal sites. Loads can be rejected and fines can be imposed. In the event a load is rejected and or a fine is imposed, you the customer will be responsible for any fines. You will also be responsible for fees involved in time and labor for proper removal and disposal of such items.

In the event we come to remove the container and it is blocked by anything such as a snow bank, a new driveway setting up or anything for that matter, you will be charged a predetermined rental fee per day for each day the container remains on your property after the day you call for removal. You will also be charged a “go-back fee” each time we go to remove the container and it is blocked.

In the event you rent a container from us and it rains, we are not in any way responsible for excessive weight due to such situations. We recommend you plan accordingly in advance. You may at your expense purchase a tarp to cover the container in the event of such situations but this does not guarantee prevention of water. You must remove tarp prior to container removal or it will be disposed of at your loss and expense.

Prior to delivery of any container, a predetermined location is established as to where the container is to be placed on your property at your discretion. Any damage to lawns, driveways or other structures on the property are the sole responsibility of the homeowner or persons responsible for ordering the dumpster. Not Pratt Trucking.

Trash & Recycling routes WILL be picked up ON SCHEDULE ALL NEXT WEEK with NO DELAY. Please be sure to have your carts curbside no later than 6:00a.m.